Limit your child’s screen time

Easily set healthy boundaries for your family with Qustodio

Keep your child healthy and focused with Qustodio

Manage usage allowance

Easily limit or monitor how long a user can spend on a device or on the Internet.

Define a usage schedule

Encourage your child to see life beyond the screen by limiting their access to certain days or times of day.

Limit app usage

Set time limits for each application that your child uses.

Device lock type

Choose what happens when your child reaches their device access limit.

Balance screen time to protect your family from screen addiction

Real stories from parents

“Qustodio gives me the peace of mind that I have been looking for to ensure my kids are safe online.”


Mom of two

“With Qustodio, I don't have to struggle to balance my daughter’s online independence with her safety.”


Mom of one

“We're a highly digital family but we really value screen-free timeQustodio helps us get that balance.”


Mom of three

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Qustodio has over 10 years of experience in childrens' online safety and offers schools the most personal, dedicated support. Qustodio is the easiest tool to install and use: ideal for organizations that don't have a dedicated tech team.

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