Feb 10, 2020

Movistar offers its customers Qustodio, the best digital safety and wellbeing tool for families

Qustodio team

Qustodio team

Experts in digital safety

Qustodio Premium is a leading high tech platform that helps parents teach their children how to use the internet and technology responsibly, by increasing their awareness and preventing them from developing unsafe or inappropriate habits. 

Movistar is offering its customers the option to sign up to Qustodio Premium, a service which permits parents to protect and supervise their children’s online activity. 

Nowadays children are using numerous devices on a daily basis. Being online is a completely natural concept for them. They are surrounded by screens which increases their activity and dependence on the online world. The latest studies show some alarming statistics: children are now spending more time ‘connected’ than they spend at school. Not only that, they are starting to use the internet at an increasingly younger age. 

Movistar is a leader in developing solutions to make it easier for parents to teach their children about digital etiquette. In 2003, it launched Canguro Net Plus, a content filter for use on computers in the home. In 2015, it developed Movistar Protege alongside Qustodio, a parental control platform that enables parents to supervise their kids’ mobile phone use. Since then, both companies have worked together with the shared goal of converting classic parental control solutions into a superior concept of digital safety and wellbeing, based on knowledge and dialogue between parents and children in order to create healthy digital habits both within the home and outside. 

That’s why Movistar is extending its range of products to include Qustodio Premium for Movistar customers, allowing them to protect up to 5 devices.

This offer includes Qustodio Premium with support for Android, Kindle, Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad devices; web; and Family Portal app complete with smart notifications. In this way, families can protect their children’s devices against inappropriate content, set healthy time limits to encourage responsible use of games and apps, supervise their children’s activity on YouTube in real time, and monitor the total time their children spend on social media. 

In addition, parents can track their children on a map whenever they need and receive notifications when their children arrive at and leave certain places parents can predefine such as home, school, etc. Children can also feel safer knowing they have access to a panic button they can activate to alert their parents if they find themselves in a dangerous situation or emergency. 

Families will soon be able to enjoy these actions from the comfort of their own home via the Movistar Living App. These apps can be used on different devices in the living room, such as the TV or Movistar Home, to provide an advanced experience, and can also be voice-activated thanks to Aura, Telefonica’s artificial intelligence virtual assistant. 

“Technology has many advantages, even for children. It allows us to do so much more and enjoy better experiences to enrich our lives”, said Chema Alonso, director of the global unit of Digital Consumption at Telefonica. “However it’s extremely important that adults get involved and teach them to use it responsibly. In this respect, Qustodio is a fantastic tool for parents, not only because it allows them to easily manage how long their children spend on different devices but also because it helps them to know more about their children’s behavior online, supervise how they use the internet and ensure that the time they spend in front of the screen is high quality—the best for their education and to help them grow up responsibly.” 

“Parenting in the digital era is a new challenge for families today. If we have digital children, we need to be digital parents,” stated Eduardo Cruz, CEO and co-founder of Qustodio. “Qustodio is dedicated to making sure increasingly connected families stay safe, find their wellbeing and enjoy a better online experience. We are delighted to extend our collaboration with Movistar and help even more families in Spain”. 

Movistar customers will be able to enjoy Qustodio Premium for €3.50 per month and, to celebrate the launch, customers who opt in will enjoy the first month free. 

Customers can sign up via the usual Movistar channels (shops, 1004, website), or any fiber optic or ADSL internet provider belonging to the telephone company.

After sign-up, customers must create a Qustodio account in order to receive an SMS with a link they can use to install the app on the devices they want to protect. Customers then simply create a profile for each child and link it to the devices they use, following an easy step-by-step guide. 

Telefonica and Qustodio signed an agreement in December 2014 to allow the telephone company’s customers in different countries to enjoy the benefits of a parental control aimed at families as yet another example of their commitment to teaching children how to use technology and social media correctly, among other initiatives, such as the website https://dialogando.com.es/, which contains tips for children and teenagers to enjoy a “Vida Digital Segura”, or Safe Digital Life in English, and online campaigns that promote child safety online and encourage the idea that technology should increase interaction between families instead of isolating them. 

Qustodio is a strategic partner partner for Telefonica and its Innovation Ventures fund, which they used to enter the market together in Spain, the United Kingdom, Chile and, in the near future, Mexico and Brazil. With over two million users across the globe, it is a world leader in child protection online thanks to its ability to safeguard children’s online experience.

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