Qustodio YouTube monitoring feature now available to parents worldwide

Qustodio team

Qustodio team

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New feature gives parents a more comprehensive look at what their children are doing on the most popular video platform to help keep them safe online 

Qustodio, a global leader in digital safety and wellbeing for families, today announces the availability of YouTube Monitoring, a new feature delivering a dramatic increase in parents’ control over YouTube, the most popular entertainment app among Qustodio users. 

Qustodio users worldwide will now be able to see their children’s YouTube searches and watched videos, all from one place. Premium users will also be able to block access to the YouTube app and set time limits. 

“Helping parents have a better understanding of what their children are watching online is a natural extension of the Qustodio digital safety and wellbeing offering, ” said Qustodio CEO, Eduardo Cruz. “With this new feature, we’re excited to help the millions of parents who want more than what YouTube’s own restricted mode can offer by giving them the ability to see searches made and videos watched on YouTube.”

The launch of the new YouTube Monitoring feature comes at a pivotal moment when more focus than ever is being put on parents to keep their children safe online. The feature does this by helping parents: 

  • Easily see and play the videos their children watched on YouTube 
  • Clearly see the terms their children searched for on YouTube 
  • Set time limits for the YouTube app which can be dialed up or down depending on the day of the week 
  • Block the entire YouTube app from devices 

“​Qustodio is by far the best app ​on the market right now for getting all the functionality parents need to protect their kids against unwanted content on YouTube, in one place,“ said Manuel Bruscas, Qustodio Head of Product. “​With YouTube Monitoring, we give parents a granular understanding of what’s going on inside YouTube so they can better understand what their kids are watching on the video platform and take quick action, from knowing specifically which videos to have a conversation about to blocking the YouTube app​.” 

Qustodio has revolutionized the parental control space with the most complete parental control functionality. And now, YouTube Monitoring takes it to the next level with a bird’s eye view of children’s YouTube activity. The new feature ​gives parents more autonomy over what their children do on the popular video app, giving them peace of mind that their children are safe online. 

Clickable view of videos watched 

The ​YouTube Monitoring feature delivers parents a clickable report of the videos their child has watched. A thumbnail of the video opens up to a web browser with the video or a YouTube page with the search results based on the title and channel.

View searches 

The YouTube Monitoring feature provides users with the option to view their child’s YouTube searches to help parents catch any searches for inappropriate subjects or to just have a basis to better understand what they are interested in.

All-in-one design 

Qustodio revolutionized the parental control space with the most complete information and parental control functionality. YouTube Monitoring takes it to the next level with a bird’s eye view of children’s YouTube activity from the number of videos and searches to keyword searches.

Set time limits 

Children spend more and more time in front of screens than ever before. The YouTube Monitoring feature gives parents who don’t want to block the app the ability to limit the time they can spend on YouTube. It also gives them the flexibility to set time limits based on the day of the week. Want to give your child a bit of extra time on the weekend? No problem.

Block & unblock access to YouTube 

With the YouTube Monitoring feature, parents with Qustodio Premium accounts who don’t want their children to view YouTube at all can now block access to the YouTube app and web from one place. Of course, flexibility is key, so it is just as easy for parents to unblock access to YouTube according to their family’s changing needs.

About Qustodio 

Qustodio leads the world in ​digital safety and wellbeing. Founded in 2012, with​ a team of over 80 employees, ​we help families take care of their lives online so they can be more secure and find screen-time balance in an increasingly digital world. Qustodio is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and Kindle​ and provides seamless experiences across multiple devices in eight languages. 

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