Apr 6, 2022

Qustodio releases third annual report studying children’s online habits

Qustodio team

Qustodio team

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Qustodio today released their Annual Report, analyzing children’s digital habits over 2021. “Living and learning in a digital world” studies app and technology habits of children aged 4-18, revealing trends in screen time, social media, and education, and offering insight into how children are learning and growing in a rapidly changing environment.

The report analyzes kids’ app use globally while providing deeper insights in three major markets in the US, UK, and Spain, over a year where self-isolation, remote learning, and working from home ensured families continued to strongly rely on all things digital for work, education, and entertainment.

The extensive 2021 research also features surveys and interviews with parents and children across the world, offering unique insight into how families are adapting and often struggling to create an online-offline balance. The report reveals their mixed feelings surrounding the digital world, with 37% of parents stating they feel very or extremely concerned about their children’s device usage, while 79% also acknowledged positive effects, including technology helping their child learn.

“In 2020, screens were a lifeline for families around the world. Our 2021 report shows that they are still reeling from the effects of the always on, ever present digital switch,” says Eduardo Cruz, Qustodio CEO and Co-founder. “Our research provides families and educators with the insights and information they need to help pinpoint where the risks are. It also shows how children are making the most of technology, so we can learn from them and build healthier online habits together in the years to come.“

Some of the key trends and insights unearthed by Qustodio’s 2021 report include:

  • Children totalled 4 hours of screen time a day across the app categories analyzed: online video, social media, video games, education, and communication.
  • Children are socializing more than ever online, with time spent on communication apps including Zoom, WhatsApp and Discord up by 28% worldwide. 
  • Kids in the UK spent 20% more time on social media, averaging 53 minutes a day on social networking apps. 
  • Snapchat rose in popularity, with 33% of kids worldwide using the platform. Children also spent 82% more time on Snapchat in 2021, averaging 1h 11 mins/day.
  • The most popular social media app is TikTok, where kids devote 1h 31 mins daily. Children in the UK are TikTok’s heaviest users, with kids watching TikTok for 1h 42 mins/day, 32 minutes more than they did in 2020. 
  • Kids in the US and UK spent 14% longer using learning apps, with children in the US also increasing their daily time by 50% on free education app Khan Academy.
  • Roblox is kids’ most popular video game, with 56% of kids playing worldwide. Children averaged 2h 53 mins on Roblox daily, up 80% from 2020.
  • YouTube is the most popular online video app, and kids’ number one most popular app across all categories analyzed, with 60% of children using it to stream online content.

To read the full report on children’s digital habits, download the PDF version, or head to Living and learning in a digital world on Qustodio.com.

For enquiries and interview requests surrounding this report, contact press@qustodio.com.