Feb 7, 2023

Qustodio releases 2022 Annual Report, From Alpha to Z: Raising the digital generations

Qustodio team

Qustodio team

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from alpha to z: raising the digital generations

Qustodio today released their Annual Report, giving extensive insight into children’s digital behavior and app use across 2022. The report, now in its fourth year, details the online habits of children aged 4-18, studying trends in screen time, social media, educational usage, mobile gaming, online entertainment, and communication.

The report, titled “From Alpha to Z: Raising the digital generations”, studies global popularity and usage of a wide range of applications and platforms, revealing children’s favorites across 2022. The report also provides deeper insights in major world markets: the US, UK, and Spain, in addition to Australia, included for the first time since annual research began in 2019. The study involved over 400,000 families and schools worldwide.

Qustodio’s 2022 research includes surveys and interviews with families, investigating how technology is managed and viewed in the home and at school, and the different ways that parents across the generations, from Generation Z to Baby Boomers, manage to strike a balance.

Some of the key findings uncovered by Qustodio’s 2022 report include: 


  • 70% of parents assert that screens and technology are now a distraction from family time, and device use causes weekly or daily arguments in over 49% of households.
  • Children’s TikTok usage climbed to an all-time high across the year, averaging 107 minutes per day – an increase of 18% from 2021. 
  • From all app categories, children spent the most time on social media daily, averaging 56 mins/day, followed by online video apps (45 mins/day), and gaming (38 mins/day). 
  • YouTube is children’s most popular app overall, with 63% of children using it globally. 
  • Despite YouTube’s popularity, children spent 60% more time on TikTok over 2022, with time spent on YouTube averaging 67 mins/day versus TikTok’s 107. 
  • While children increasingly spent more time on social media and video streaming apps, time on communications apps fell, with time on Zoom dipping by 21%, and Skype by 37%. 
  • 80% of parents believe that monitoring their child or children’s screen time is necessary, and as device use increases in a classroom setting, 1 in 3 parents would like to be more involved in how their child uses these devices in school. 

To read the full report on children’s digital habits, download the PDF version, or head to From Alpha to Z: raising the digital generations on Qustodio.com.

For enquiries and interview requests surrounding this report, contact press@qustodio.com.