Qustodio releases 2023 Annual Report, Born connected: The rise of the AI generation

Qustodio releases 2023 Annual Report, Born connected: The rise of the AI generation

Qustodio today released their 5th Annual Report, offering valuable insights into children’s digital habits across 2023. “Born connected: The rise of the AI generation”, reveals the app use and technology habits of children aged 4-18, detailing trends in screen time, social media and communications, mobile gaming, online entertainment, learning tools, and for the first time in the report’s history, use of artificial intelligence tools. 

Qustodio’s report, involving over 400,000 families and schools, studies the popularity of apps and platforms used by children around the world, with further insights into habits in major world markets, including the US, UK, France, Spain, and Australia. In addition to revealing children’s favorite apps and platforms of 2023, the study also investigates the time invested over the year, detailing children’s screen time on popular apps such as TikTok, YouTube, Roblox, and Snapchat.
The extensive report also features surveys and interviews with families actively involved in their children’s digital wellbeing, giving insight into how parents and guardians navigate parenting in an increasingly online world and the tools they use to keep their children safe as technology, the internet, and artificial intelligence evolve at a rapid pace.


orn connected: The rise of the AI generation


Some of the key findings from 2023’s report include:


  • TikTok continued to captivate with children spending a global average of 112 minutes daily on the app – up from 107 in 2022. UK kids were particularly fond of the bottomless scroll as they racked up 127 mins/day. 
  • Although YouTube is still the world’s top streaming app, children spent 60% more time on TikTok.  
  • Children watched 27% more video content in 2023 than in the previous year – hitting a world average of 57 minutes per day. 
  • Despite a tumultuous 2023 – and a name change – Twitter/X saw a 27% boost in popularity among children. 
  • Gaming took a dip in 2023 with children spending 8% less time on mobile games than in 2022. Despite this, Roblox is where children spent the most time – across all app categories – with a global average of 130 minutes invested daily. 
  • Although WhatsApp remains the king of communication apps, kids spent the most time on Snapchat with a world average of 74 mins/day. 
  • Australian kids led the way with AI experimentation with 24% using OpenAI – compared with a global average of 19.6% 

To read the full report on children’s digital habits in 2023, download the PDF version, or head to Born connected: The rise of the AI generation on Qustodio.com.


For enquiries and interview requests surrounding this report, contact press@qustodio.com.