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Why Qustodio for Schools?



Understand trends in student online behavior and get better visibility over how students are using their devices. See which sites and apps are being accessed and how often. Get simple, easy-to-read data that is understood at a glance.

Digital wellbeing

Digital wellbeing

Qustodio is a safety framework in which students learn, play and socialize online. Schools want students to enjoy their 1:1 device without feeling overly restricted. Qustodio helps nurture healthy online habits and digital wellbeing for students.

Device protection

360° multi-platform protection

Protect 1:1 devices on and off campus. Traditional school firewalls stop working outside school boundaries. Qustodio protects all devices, regardless of platform, even when students take them home.

Safe online environment

Safe online environment

Qustodio protects children who are still developing their ability to self-manage. Harmful content such as gambling, pornography and violence is blocked automatically, whilst other categories can be restricted or limited at the school’s discretion.



With fewer online distractions, students find it easier to focus and stay on-task. Use Qustodio to limit the use of social media, gaming apps and other non-educational content to outside classroom or homework hours.



Help staff and teachers keep an eye on students who may be having issues. Identify early signs of self harm, cyberbullying or problematic online behavior. Receive real-time alerts and view reports on student online behavior.

Games & App Management

How does Qustodio help you?

Solutions for technology directors, principals, teachers, and parents.

IT directors

We know that IT directors have limited time and budget to spend on protecting devices and keeping students safe. Qustodio is an entirely cross-platform tool that is easy to deploy, easy to understand, and above all, easy to manage. It’s a simple solution to help make tech directors’ jobs a little lighter. We provide excellent dedicated support to all our schools, no matter the size.


We help principals promote a holistic approach to social-emotional learning. Qustodio is the safety framework that allows students the freedom to discover, to inquire, and to self-manage while remaining protected from harmful influences. Intelligent reports show you up-to-date, accurate information about every student in the school.


Qustodio helps teachers zero-in on issues. School staff can monitor student activity as little or as much as needed. Reports can be pulled for students with poor performance, or who need extra help.


Parents are happy to know when Qustodio is being used at school. The Qustodio family brand is known worldwide, and was named the best parental control app of 2021 by PCMag. Over 4 million families use Qustodio on their home devices. 

What schools say about Qustodio

“With Qustodio’s dashboard, you can see what the kids are doing online, and the apps they are using. It’s so simple, so effective.”

Head of IT

Harbour International School, Hong Kong

“Qustodio saves me time and effort. It helps me on a daily basis. Anytime I talk to someone else in education, I recommend Qustodio.”

IT manager

Green Ivy School, New York

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