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Connect with your family traditions to feel closer

por | Nov 25, 2019 | Consejos para los padres

Discover the true meaning of Thanksgiving this year

An expression of gratitude, a national holiday, a day of eating, or the official start of the holidays? Whatever Thanksgiving means to you personally, the chances are that it has changed over the years. Celebrated as a national holiday in the USA since the 17th century, the idea can be seen in many countries and cultures across the world. For many of us, Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday season – a period where we’ll be spending more time with our families and loved ones. However, in recent years, with the rapid spread of technology in and outside of our homes, and the intensification of Black Friday’s consumerism, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos and forget what Thanksgiving is all about.

Asking around the Qustodio team, it was clear that their Thanksgiving memories were synonymous with family traditions, and one of the biggest traditions of all when it comes to this holiday is food!

I remember coming in from the cold November air to the warmth of the kitchen. It was the warmth that would hit you first, and then the smell of the pumpkin pie my mom was baking in the oven.

-Mike, Business Development

Think about the holiday treats you loved the most as a child and recreate those magical moments for your own children with a family afternoon in the kitchen. Let the kids help pick out a recipe in a cookbook, and then everyone can help out and get their hands dirty. Not only does cooking give practice in many essential skills such as reading, following directions and measuring, it also helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and early concepts of math and science. What’s more, it’s a great family activity, and you won’t even notice the lack of screens!

We would all sit around roasting chestnuts in the fireplace and the smell would fill the house. The warmth. The food. Pecan pie. Family.

Theresa, U.S. Country Manager

While you might not have a fireplace, that doesn’t mean you can’t all gather as a family to enjoy each other’s company. Telling old family stories is a great holiday tradition, and you might be surprised to know that your kids are actually listening, absorbing and benefiting from hearing those tales about your Great Aunt Gertrude! Choose a place where you can all get together, and make it a rule to leave screens out. You could even make it a new family tradition to lock away your phones on Thanksgiving Day!

When I think of Thanksgiving, the first thing I imagine is a live turkey! I guess it probably comes from the memory of making those handprint turkeys—still the first holiday craft every kindergartener does!”

Jen, VP Brand

When you’ve got a million things to do, it may be tempting to leave it up to technology to keep your little ones entertained and occupied while you get on with stuffing the turkey. But sitting down to indulge in some festive crafts together has so many advantages, beyond just being a screen-free activity. From teaching patience to allowing kids to communicate their feelings, the benefits of arts and crafts are numerous. Since Fall is also the perfect time of year for outdoor pursuits, why not combine the two? Head out on a leaf scavenger hunt, then come home, warm up with a hot chocolate, and do some fun leaf painting! And don’t forget the sports—even if you’re not a football fan, Thanksgiving is the perfect excuse to get outside, run around, and play!

Whether you’re celebrating old traditions or creating new ones, Thanksgiving is the perfect day to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate what you have, together. But don’t let it stop there — be sure to dedicate regular time throughout the year to connect to the things that matter most and enjoy every magic moment.

Happy Thanksgiving!