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Why go Premium?

Dedicated Support


Priority phone support to help you during setup and all along the way.

Set time limits & downtimes

Easy consistent screen time routines for each person in your family across devices and per app.

Block unwanted apps & websites

Unlimited protection to games, apps and inappropriate content online including gambling and porn.

Extended reports

On-demand access to all your child's activity online. Plus a detailed, daily or weekly email summary.

Real-time alerts & SOS

Get alerts when your child uses a new app, reaches a time limit, visits adult content or needs help (panic button available for Android).

Family Locator


Geolocation & geofencing: See where all your family members are on a map and get alerts when they arrive or leave designated places. Available for Android & iOS.

Track SMS

See who your child calls or texts most, what was said and when, and block incoming messages. Available for Android.

YouTube Monitoring


Know what your child watches and searches for on YouTube. Available for Android (web and app), iOS, Windows & Mac (web).

Advanced Facebook Monitoring

View your child's status updates, photos and more.

Qustodio is PC Mag Editors’ Choice

“This impressive parental control system includes just about every feature you might want, and it’s stylish, too.”

“With Qustodio Parental Control, you can keep track of your children's online activity on PC, Mac, iOS, Android, or Kindle devices. Its rich feature set and clever social media tracking make it a new Editors' Choice for parental control.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the right plan for me?

Nowadays a typical family of four owns upwards of 10 devices. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. For a family of four, we recommend Qustodio Premium 10 as it can protect up to 10 devices.

For larger families, Qustodio Premium 15 may be a good fit as it can protect up to 15 devices.

Finally, for small families whose kids use less than 5 devices, we recommend Qustodio Premium 5.

What’s the difference between Free and Premium?

The Free version of Qustodio can protect a single device and includes basic protection features.

The Premium version can protect multiple family devices and, more importantly, gives you access to Premium features such as Location Tracking, Calls and Text Messages Tracking, and Applications Controls. You can see the full list of Premium features above on this page.

How to Get Started with Qustodio?

First choose the plan which is right for you and create your Qustodio account. Next, Qustodio will guide you through an easy configuration process to make sure that all your family devices are protected. Need a download - check out the downloads section of our website.

What platforms is Qustodio compatible with?

Qustodio works on the most popular platforms: Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Kindle.

What are my payment options?

We offer a wide variety of payment options depending on your location including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, and Wire Transfer.

Can I get my money back?

Absolutely, we do have 30-day money back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the product.

How do I switch to a bigger Premium plan?

Easy! Click here to find out exclusive offers for Premium users.

More Questions?

Qustodio offers email support. If you'd like to ask a question, you can visit our Support Center or contact our support team directly here. We're here to help.

Why parents love Qustodio

  • Great to monitor, block and limit screen time

    Jason K. - Google Play

  • Excellent There's no filter or monitor that compares. This is so much better than any other available.

    Anonym - Google Play

  • Brilliant app Great for keeping an eye on what my kids are looking at.

    Johanne K. - Google Play

  • Fantastic Locks what is needed and the daily report is excellent

    Quinlan C. - Google Play

  • Easy to use Easy to use and reliable solution for parental control

    Anonym - Google Play

  • Great for study breaks. Works in incognito perfectly, blocking any and all websites that I choose to find distracting.

    Charlton M. - Google Play

  • Best ever parent app I can control everything anytime, locate, curfew, monitor you name it

    Hal P. - Google Play

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