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Our 2020 report on apps and digital natives answers that question and gives parents expert tips to help their families thrive in a hyper-connected world.By the start of 2020, before the coronavirus lockdowns, children were spending more time online than ever before. Doctors, psychologists and even the creators of apps themselves, were sounding alarms about online privacy, safety… Leia mais

O boletim informativo do Qustodio com Dicas para Pais Inteligentes foi criado para ajudar você a se manter informado como pai ou mãe e criar seus filhos na era digital com mais confiança. Sem alarmismo. Sem modismos. Só os melhores conselhos de especialistas de verdade.

Receba conselhos mensais de especialistas inscrevendo-se em nosso boletim informativo com Dicas para Pais Inteligentes

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On Digital Wellness Day 2020, Georgie Powell of Sentient Digital explains what Digital Wellbeing is really all about and how it fits in with an overall healthy lifestyle. Digital Wellness -also known as Digital Wellbeing- is a term that has been gaining momentum over the past few years. And it’s become even more relevant since the coronavirus… Leia mais

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A conversation on Digital Wellness with Georgie Powell of Qustodio and Giancarlo Pitocco of Purposeful Digital Wellbeing To celebrate the very first annual Digital Wellness Day, we brought together two of the leading experts in Digital Wellbeing (who also share backgrounds in Big Tech!) to discuss what they know about maintaining balance in an ever more connected… Leia mais

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The 9-year-old star of our TV campaign shares her experience of being a digital native on lockdown It's time we talked Our children can be our greatest teachers, especially when it comes to the online world. Things move so fast when it comes to tech so it can be hard for us to keep up with the… Leia mais

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CEO of bullying prevention charity Kidscape - and mom of 2 - Lauren Seager-Smith shares her expert advice on how to identify and cope with cyberbullying. Under “normal” circumstances, children spend an average of 2 hours a day online – around 20 minutes more than they do watching TV, according to a survey by Ofcom.  With the… Leia mais

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Ask the experts - live Q&A As parents and children around the globe have switched to full-time remote working and learning, it's more important than ever to make technology work in positive ways for the whole family. Our own data shows huge surges in screen time since the COVID-19 lockdowns began and that a good part of… Leia mais

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Leader in digital wellbeing and mum of two, Georgie Powell gives busy parents her wise screen time tips for life Covid-19 lockdowns have caused screen time levels to skyrocket well over 100% and brought urgent attention to the concept of digital wellbeing. But well before coronavirus disrupted our lives, doctors, psychologists, technologists and wellbeing experts like me… Leia mais

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Leia nossas dicas úteis e técnicas para ver como o Qustodio pode ser seu aliado durante o período de isolamento Se o conceito de educação em casa é tão novo para você quanto para nós, você se encontra bem ocupado tentando se manter à tona nas últimas semanas! Mas a ajuda está a caminho. Na Qustodio, temos… Leia mais

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All your questions answered LIVE by our panel of experts! As parents and children around the globe switch to full-time remote working and learning, it's more important than ever before to make technology work in positive ways for the whole family.We're hosting a live Q&A session this Friday, April 3rd to answer your questions surrounding digital parenting… Leia mais