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What parents need to know about Discord to keep their kids and teens safe on one of the latest, must-have social and chat apps.  Discord RatingsQustodio: 13+ when DMs are blocked for people outside friend group, else 18+Apple: 12+Android: Parental GuidanceCommon Sense: 13+ About DiscordFounded in 2015, Discord is a real-time chat platform originally designed to make… Leia mais

O boletim informativo do Qustodio com Dicas para Pais Inteligentes foi criado para ajudar você a se manter informado como pai ou mãe e criar seus filhos na era digital com mais confiança. Sem alarmismo. Sem modismos. Só os melhores conselhos de especialistas de verdade.

Receba conselhos mensais de especialistas inscrevendo-se em nosso boletim informativo com Dicas para Pais Inteligentes

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Parents should keep their children at home and make this a virtual Halloween, but make sure the pandemic is the reason to stay indoors, not the draw of screens. If you’re planning a more virtual Halloween this year, you are doing the right thing, and you are not alone. Parents (and governments) are rightfully encouraging children to… Leia mais

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Find out which of the 4 approaches most parents try to get their children to unplug from digital devices and turn off smartphones really works. Getting kids to cut down on screen time is one of the biggest challenges parents have today. In this age of rapidly changing technology and crisis after crisis, much of what we… Leia mais

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Do site ao aplicativo do YouTube, YouTube Kids e YouTube Music, desde seu lançamento em 2005, o YouTube mudou seu formato, adicionou novos serviços e recursos e ainda é um dos aplicativos mais amados por aí. Às vezes, ter tantas opções pode ser opressor, especialmente se você está tentando estimular limites de tempo saudáveis ​​para a atividade… Leia mais

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Como formar uma parceria e promover uma comunicação aberta com seu filho pode beneficiar a todos Você instalou o Qustodio nos dispositivos de seus filhos com a melhor intenção de mantê-los protegidos do grande e perigoso mundo online, apenas para que eles removam o aplicativo de seus celulares? Ou talvez você esteja discutindo com eles sobre controle… Leia mais

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Startup founder shares his advice for building companies that last and staying zen no matter what the market throws at you. It’s been eight years since I co-founded Qustodio, the leading online safety and digital wellbeing service for families. Though I have successfully founded other tech startups before, such as Redtrust, the Qustodio journey has been the… Leia mais

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Latest research on how excessive screen time affects child brain development and learning Ten years ago, the negative impacts of screen time were unknown. Today, questions still remain, but we now have many research studies showing clear problems in the areas of brain development, mental health, and learning that can occur when children use devices too often. Let’s… Leia mais

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What parents need to know about Brawl Stars to keep their children safe while playing one of the world’s most popular video game apps.  Since its release in 2017, Brawl Stars has consistently been one of the top games played by children of all ages, along with Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite. According to Brawl Stars’ Terms of… Leia mais

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What you need to know to stay sane and to help your kids succeed and be safe as they transition back to school at home or partially online this fall. While everyone wants their kids to go back to school as normal as possible, the new normal is going to look much more virtual. If you are… Leia mais