By on 03-13-2018

Here at Qustodio we love being part of great digital parenting initiatives. Congratulations to Singtel who launched Qustodio in Singapore as part of Surf School last month. It looks amazing! Singtel Surf School helps ensure the internet is both a safe and fun place for children to learn in Singapore and offers Singtel clients the opportunity to make… Read more

By on 12-04-2017

Qustodio is proud to participate in the ASEAN Child Online Protection Seminar in Malaysia on the 5th and 6th of December with Tune Talk. The Seminar is being organized by MCMC (the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission) and participants will include Unicef and a whole host of industry leaders from the Telco industry. We’ll be there to spread… Read more

By on 06-09-2017

Last week Qustodio reached the incredible mark of 1,000,000 users, an astonishing feat representing the successful validation of our story as a startup company and signaling the beginning of a new and exciting chapter as a global player. During the last 5 years since our official launch we have helped parents and organizations in over 240 countries across the world improve… Read more

By on 03-01-2017

We are proud to announce our global partnership with SoftBank Group to make Qustodio available to telecommunication carriers all over the world. Check out our joint press release for details. Read more

By on 08-11-2016

O Verão tem sido um momento perfeito para dar às crianças aquela liberdade extra. Não tinha aulas, as noites eram sem lição de casa, e as saídas frequentes. Mas agora que os longos dias de verão estão diminuindo, é hora de rever como monitorar o tempo de exposição a telas das crianças. Coloque um sistema de monitoramento desde… Read more

By on 07-15-2016

Released on July 6, 2016, Pokémon GO has recently captured the attention of kids, young adults, and parents alike. For those not in the know, what’s it all about? How can the game be a positive presence in your family? And how can Qustodio help keep kids safe while they play? Read on to learn more. Read more

By on 04-26-2016

No final de 2015, lançamos uma nova App Qustodio no Apple Store para que os pais possam monitorizar as conexões de seus filhos desde um aparelho com sistema iOS. No inicio, os pais podiam somente monitorizar as conexões de seus filhos no navegador da Safari. Se os filhos estivessem conectando-se desde um outro tipo de App iOS (o que era… Read more

By on 03-09-2016

Este inverno o nosso foco foi fazer com que a sua experiência com a Qustodio para você que é pai, seja ainda melhor. Em dezembro, nós adicionamos mensagem SMS de tracking para o nosso conjunto de funcionalidades da Android. Em janeiro, melhoramos a nossa forma de apresentar o relatório sobre a atividade de bloqueio de sites no Portal… Read more

By on 11-17-2015

Great news, Parents! Today we launched a brand new free app in Apple’s App Store for protecting kids’ iOS devices. The app is called Qustodio Parental Control for iPhone and iPad, and it finally brings many of Qustodio’s great supervision features to iOS including web filtering, app monitoring and internet time limits. Grab your child’s device and visit… Read more