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作者 于 08-01-2019

Dr. Nicole explains the pros and cons of device use on your child’s cognitive development and academic performance With so many games and apps promoted as “learning” and “education” oriented, it can be difficult for parents to sort out which types of screen time activities may be helpful, and which might cause problems. While some digital media… 阅读更多。

作者 于 08-01-2019

您是否知道 5 至 11 岁孩子的主要线上活动是观看 YouTube 视频,而且这也是 17 岁以下所有孩子的主要线上活动之一?您是否还知道 YouTube 是西班牙 5 至 14 岁孩子和美国所有孩子最常用的社交网络?使用 iOS 设备的孩子在 YouTube 上花费 40% 的时间,而且 25% 的孩子活跃设备被报告在 上有浏览记录。基于近期调查数据,Qustodio 很高兴地向您宣布一项令人振奋的新功能:YouTube 监控测试版!我们一直致力于为家长提供一种全新的方式来监控孩子在热门视频网站 YouTube 上的活动,保障他们免受不当和有害内容的侵害。全新 YouTube 监控测试版包括哪些功能?查看您孩子在安卓设备的 YouTube 应用上观看的视频。 查看您孩子通过 Mac 和 Windows 在 上所观看视频的更多详细信息。 查看您孩子在安卓设备的 YouTube 应用和 上搜索的内容。您再也不用担心孩子访问有害内容。更加重要的是,该功能完全免费!如果您是高级版用户,除此之外,您还可以设置健康时间限制,从而防止屏幕成瘾,并在 YouTube 监控测试版的新规则设置中阻止或允许访问安卓设备上的 YouTube 应用。YouTube 监控测试版目前适用于在安卓、Windows 和 Mac 设备上的 YouTube 活动,稍后将推出其他设备版本。如需使用我们的新功能,您只要确保在您的安卓设备以及您孩子的安卓、Mac 和 Windows… 阅读更多。

作者 于 07-10-2019

A psychologist’s digital tips for summer that last all year long School is out and summer routines, or lack of routines, are in full swing. Most kids end the school year exhausted but on a high. They generally spend more time outdoors, heading to the beach, or just hanging out with their friends in the sunshine. But… 阅读更多。

作者 于 06-12-2019

Neuroscience proves what every parent already knows: kids need to get outside and offline Most people have fond memories of their childhood summers. This is partly because human memory is selective–we are hardwired to remember the good over the bad–and because we are better at remembering things that break the routine of work or school. But it… 阅读更多。

作者 于 06-03-2019

What’s the best way to set healthy screen time limits for the entire family? It’s not so much about how long you’re online, but how you spend your time offline It’s hard enough to set screen time limits for your kids. With varying ages and what is appropriate in terms of time, content, and use of devices… 阅读更多。

作者 于 04-29-2019

A holistic child psychologist’s approach to being a good parent in the unchartered territory of the digital ageWhile every generation of parents complains they have it harder than the ones before, there is no doubt that parenting in the digital age brings about more and different challenges than those faced by our parents, grandparents, or anyone before.GenX or… 阅读更多。

作者 于 02-28-2019

How psychologists identify the problem and how to prevent this unhealthy habit Technology is everywhere and it has become a fundamental part of how we work, communicate, and play. Children grow up with it. They are digital natives. It’s now normal to see a child as young as two years old using their parents’ phone to scroll… 阅读更多。

作者 于 12-21-2018

The holiday season is fast-approaching. With so much to do and so little time, sometimes we can feel overwhelmed and start to neglect those closest to us. But that’s not what this time of year is about. While there’s no denying technology has made our lives easier, it can also become a bit of a distraction. At Qustodio,… 阅读更多。

作者 于 08-09-2018

It’s getting near that time of year again! Summer has been fun and having the kids around has certainly made it easier to keep an eye on them. But what happens once they go back to school? New homework assignments and school projects mean they’ll be online more often. Once they get back into the old routine, they’ll… 阅读更多。

作者 于 03-13-2018

Here at Qustodio we love being part of great digital parenting initiatives. Congratulations to Singtel who launched Qustodio in Singapore as part of Surf School last month. It looks amazing! Singtel Surf School helps ensure the internet is both a safe and fun place for children to learn in Singapore and offers Singtel clients the opportunity to make… 阅读更多。