The Beauty Trap: Is Media Hurting Your Teen’s Body Image?

By Melissa Maypole on 2014-07-02

This generation of parents isn’t the first to worry over the impact media may have on their teen’s body image. For decades, adolescents have been exposed to overly sexualized and sometimes fictitious renderings of the human body on television and in print. Today’s parents may worry even more, however, and for good reason. Easy access…
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The Dangerous Link between Likes, Followers, and Your Child’s Self-Esteem

By Melissa Maypole on 2014-06-10

Kids have always looked to their peers for validation and self-worth, especially teens and tweens. That’s nothing new. But in today’s social media-obsessed culture, it’s easy for young people to become overly fixated on their online popularity. Instead of gauging their popularity by the number of friends they have in real life, adolescents are increasingly…
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Cyber Self-Harm: The Most Dangerous Trend among Today’s Digital Teenagers?

By Melissa Maypole on 2014-06-06

Is it possible for a child to cyberbully himself? The notion sounds absurd, but apparently, cyber self-harm (also known as digital self-harm or self-trolling) has become an unfortunate phenomenon among today’s youth. What Is Cyber Self-Harm? We’ve all heard the tragic stories of kids being relentessly cyber-bullied by their peers and sometimes by anonymous strangers. Although they’re…
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Omegle App Encourages Chats with Strangers

By Melissa Maypole on 2014-05-15

According to a recent study, teens are moving away from traditional social networks toward more anonymous messaging apps like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and yes—Omegle, and while some speculate that this trend is a reflection of adolescents’ legitimate privacy concerns, others wonder just what kids are up to that they feel the need to keep so secret….
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Study: Kids Don’t “Bounce Back” from Cyberbullying

By Melissa Maypole on 2014-04-25

As parents, we like to tell ourselves that kids are resilient—that they’ll bounce back quickly when things go wrong. It’s our way of reassuring ourselves that though we can’t protect our kids from every threat to their emotional and psychological health, that at least the damage won’t be permanent when these threats prevail. While it…
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Guest Post on Dear (Distracted) Mom, Put Down the Phone!

By Melissa Maypole on 2014-04-15

Since our mission is to help parents provide safe, enriching experiences for theirchildren online, we often focus on how technology affects kids of all ages. Rarely, however, do we stop to examine how digital diversions are affecting our own lives. It’s important to reflect, though, since our behavior affects our kids directly! Take a minute…
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Qustodio Offers Sponsorship/Prizes to Raise Awareness of Child Online Safety

By Melissa Maypole on 2014-04-03

At Qustodio, we’re always looking for ways to spread the message about online safety, so we were thrilled when the folks at asked us to sponsor their UBP14 Twitter Party. We were so excited, in fact, that we decided to sweeten the pot by offering up our biggest prize package yet– a year’s subscription…
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Redirecting Parental Concern over Teen Social Media Use and College

By Melissa Maypole on 2014-04-01

In this guest post by Alan Katzman, parents are encouraged to redirect their concerns over teen social media use by asking not what their teens are doing online but rather what they are not doing online. Many articles have been written warning about social media’s growing impact on college admission and scholarship grant decisions. Citing…
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3 Online Communication Tools to Strengthen Your Family Bond

By Melissa Maypole on 2014-03-17

Does it seem like your teen is texting everyone but you? Do you feel like technology is creating a disconnect in your family rather than bringing you closer together? You’re certainly not alone. Many parents fear that all of this new technology is taking over their families and leaving little time for meaningful interaction. The online…
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