5 tech etiquette rules you (or your teen) are probably going to break this thanksgiving

Are you planning on loosening your belt this Thanksgiving? If so, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans will be letting up on health and diet standards in order to enjoy a traditionally heavy Thanksgiving banquet, but if you’re like many of us, food won’t be the only thing you overindulge in this holiday season. Consider these 5 rules of tech etiquette you’re likely to break this year if you don’t watch it.

### Foodie Shots

You know those annoying friends on Facebook and Instagram who post pictures of perfectly plated fare for breakfast, lunch, and diner? They’ve no doubt inspired many eye rolls and barely hung on to their friend status this year. But will you be following their lead this Thanksgiving? It will be hard to resist joining in the online competition of whose sweet potato casserole looks more delectable, so be strong!

### Tablet Tapping

Everyone knows the unwritten rule about tablets and Smartphones at social gatherings, especially gatherings among family members you haven’t seen since last holiday. But will you be able to make it through the all-day feast without scrolling through pins on Pinterest or checking in on your bestie’s latest status update? Here’s a tip: Make it a secret competition no one knows about but you. The first one in the clan to swipe loses! Who will it be?

### Photo Snapping

Although a certain amount of picture-taking is to be expected at a family gathering, there’s definitely the chance that all the paparrazi-ing will go too far, especially since everyone and their grandmother will be wielding a Smartphone camera. Our advice? Snap away, but beware of awkward photo ops like Uncle Bernie stuffing potato salad in his face or Aunt Linda bending over to get the dressing out of the oven. And don’t tag others in your family photos without asking permission. It’s just good manners.

### Oversharing

Let’s face it. It’s a festive time of year. Fall colors are in full bloom and holiday decorations are springing up. All of this good cheer can make it tempting to blow up your friends’ social media feeds and share photos and videos that you might think twice about during other times of year. Take our advice and think about these questions before you decide to share on social media this Thanksgiving: Who does it benefit? What message will it send? Will anyone be offended or have their feelings hurt? Taking a few moments to think before you post can save you a headache down the road.

### Escaping Into Tech

As much as we love our families, let’s admit it—it can be stressful to be around them all at once and for extended periods of time. Don’t be surprised if you have to fight the urge to escape into a mindless game of Candy crush or get lost in a sea of tweets, especially when that one annoying relative starts to chat you up. You can win this battle though. Consider leaving your gadget of choice in the car or even back at home so you can enjoy the day in all its glory, annoying relatives included!

The holidays are a time when we all seem to relax the rules a bit. And that’s ok! Just remember that your teen is watching. Being a good digital role model all year round will provide a good example for your son or daughter to emulate. Happy Turkey Day!

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