All the parenting news you missed in September (while you were busy parenting!)

Parenting advice is all the rage on the Internet these days. Some of it’s useful; much of it is fluff. Since most moms and dads in the trenches of raising a family don’t have time to scour the web for words of wisdom, we’ve rounded up the best of this month’s parenting news and blogs. Here’s the latest batch.

### Parenting Science

– New brain research shows that “time-outs” may be akin to physical abuse.
– Most millennial parents want the same things for their kids, but why trying to make them turn out the way you want may be a “fool’s errand”.
– A recent study shows that helicopter parenting is effective but can harm kids psychologically.

### Parenting News

– Colorado’s cannabis moms are parenting while high, and they’re not ashamed.
– One parenting expert says there’s no such thing as a “bad” parent.
– Mommy blogger Jenn Mosher opens up about raising HIV positive kids.
– Why you may be to blame if your daughter ends up poor.

### Celebs

– Kate Hudson opens up about mommy guilt and the secret to her joy.
– Kim Kardashian vows to never spank her daughter, North.
– Jada Pinkett Smith reveals why she never punishes her kids.
– Actress Naomi Watts shares her biggest parenting regret.

### Twitter Fun

– Every week the Huffington Post rounds up its favorite parenting tweets and prints them here. Should make you smile.

### Kids and Tech

– Amazon launches 6 devices including the Kindle for kids.
No parental controls for iPhone’s latest update?
– You won’t believe what device was banned in Steve Jobs’ house.
– Are you a parent? You may want to think twice before financing your next car thanks to this new virtual repo technology.

### Online Safety

– Tweens and teens are stealing baby pictures to create fake online families.
– A new survey shows most parents don’t know how to teach their kids digital safety.
Everything you ever needed to know about Minecraft, but were scared to ask.
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