Dec 20, 2013

Best free holiday apps for kids

While it’s certainly good to limit your child’s screen time over the holiday break, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in a little digital cheer in moderation, especially when it involves the whole family! Make your winter respite a little more festive with these three free holiday apps that are sure to delight.

Frozen Free FallEven if your little one hasn’t yet seen Disney’s newest blockbuster hit, he or she will love this slide and match game for iPhone and iPad featuring the characters of Frozen. It’s challenging enough to be interesting but offers hints to avoid frustration. The app is rated 4+ and is a great way to reinforce shapes, colors, and patterns. It’s also a good way for older kids to hone their spatial skills. Watch out, though—this app can be addicting, even for grown-ups!

Tip: Be sure to restrict in-app purchases before you let your child loose on this game.

Cut the Rope Holiday GiftThis appis a holiday spin-off of the original Cut the Rope App. The object of the game is to feed Nom Nom (a cute if hungry little creature) candy by predicting where it will fall when you cut the different ropes holding it up on the Christmas tree. It’s a whimsical game that will keep little ones (and perhaps even older kids) entertained while teaching them the basics of physics.

Tip: The app periodically prompts users to download the new version of the traditional Cut the Rope app, so be sure that the purchasing option is password protected.

Elf DanceThis app is one of our favorites because it’s fun for the whole family. Elf Dance allows you to create custom elves using photos from your iPhone camera roll or your Facebook albums. Once you insert your family member’s faces into cute elf costumes, the fun begins. Just tap “Dance” and then watch as your family performs a festive and hilarious elf dance right before your very eyes.

Tip: Depending on his or her age, your child may need help positioning the faces from the photos into the correct spot.

There are lots of great holiday apps to choose from this year. Before downloading, though, do a little research by playing the game yourself before handing it over to your little one. Who knows? You might even have a little fun of your own!

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