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Internet safety experts sometimes suggest that parents keep an eye on their kids’ online behaviour by placing the family computer in a common area, such as the living room. With smartphones, this advice is no longer as relevant: most kids now access the Internet through their own mobile devices rather than the family PC. To help parents keep their children safer online, Qustodio has launched an app for iOS to make surfing safer on iPhone, iPad and iPod. Here’s how it works:

### Qustodio Safe Browser for iPhone

Qustodio’s Safe Browser for iPhone allows you to monitor Internet use and protect your child from dangerous content. When you install the browser, you are able to:

### Monitor time spent online

Monitor websites visitedMonitor web searchesBlock specific websites or categoriesSet time limits for web browsingManage your child’s activity remotely

### Installing Qustodio for iPhone

To download the app, access the app store and begin the download. Once the app is installed, you will need to log into your Qustodio account. If you don’t have one, tap “I’m new to Qustodio” to create a new account.

When you’ve logged in, you’ll be prompted to name the device. You can use a name like “Sarah’s iPhone”. Next, you need to choose the child who uses the device from the menu; if you don’t see your child’s name, you can create a profile.

Congratulations! Qustodio for iPhone is now installed: the app automatically enables safe browsing and sets up weekly activity reports that will be sent directly to your email inbox. You can also set up time limits, block specific websites, and more from your family dashboard.

Blocking Websites on iPhoneOnce you’ve installed Qustodio Safe Browser, it will automatically block dangerous content, including websites that contain:

– Gambling
– Loopholes
– Violence
– Weapons
– Profanity
– Mature content
– Pornography
– Alcohol
– Drugs
– Tobacco

If you want to block other categories of websites or even specific websites, you can do so from the family dashboard. Simply click on “Rules” and then select the “Web browsing rules” tab. You can then select a topic to monitor or block an entire category of websites such as chat sites or social networks.

To block or allow a specific website, just enter the URL in “Add website exceptions” and select the desired action.

### Setting Up Time Limits for Web Browsing

Qustodio for iPhone allows you to set up time limits. Select “Rules” from your dashboard and then click on the “Time Usage Limits” tab. You’ll then have the option to set up general time limits or select the amount of time your child searches the Web on each device. To set up specific time limits, slide the “Enable per device time limits” button to YES.

### Don’t Forget to Set Up Parental Controls

After installing Qustodio for iPhone, you’ll also need to set up parental controls so your kids can’t delete the app or use another unsecured browser. Check out our simplestep-by-step guide to setting parental controls on iPhone and other iOS devices for complete instructions.

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