Oct 16, 2013

Teach better and safer social media use: Advanced Facebook monitoring

If your child has a Facebook account, you’ve probably been teaching them for some time about safe and responsible internet use. Hopefully, you’ve had a discussion on what can and cannot be shared and posted on Facebook, and have both agreed what constitutes acceptable use. You’ve also talked about things like cyberbullying and how important it is to be nice online. Congratulations!

You may still have some lingering doubts and worries: how do you know little Johnny is really sticking to his side of the agreement? In response to requests from parents, Qustodio has developed an Advanced Facebook Monitoring feature.

### What Is Advanced Facebook Monitoring?

Advanced Facebook Monitoring lets parents see who their kids are interacting with on Facebook and what kinds of status updates, comments, pictures, and videos they’re sharing. Parents can see everything.

Everything means you see who they are friending, what pages they like as well as any post, event, like etc. that is public, published or shared by or with your child. All of this is available in the Social Monitoring tab in the Family Portal for you. If you see anything you don’t like, you can now discuss it and explain to your child why it could be a problem. That’s one worry less.

Another great thing about Advanced Facebook Monitoring is that it requires virtually no configuration: it’s a one-time install that plugs into your child’s Facebook account.

Once you set it up, it is attached to your kid’s Facebook account and monitors and reports ALL activity regardless of what device your child is using to sign into Facebook. It’s like magic.

### How Do I Begin Using Advanced Facebook Monitoring?

To activate the Advanced Facebook Monitoring plug-in and see all your child’s Facebook activity, you need to be a premium user. It’s easy to set up: select the profile you want to monitor from your family dashboard and remember that the feature must be set up from a device with Qustodio installed.

After you select the profile, go to the “Rules” tab and then click on “Social Monitoring.”

Slide to “Yes” to enable Advanced Facebook Monitoring.

Once enabled, you need to get your child to log into Facebook and accept the Qustodio application. When your child accepts, the application monitors your child’s activity no matter what device is used. It’s important to note they won’t be able to access Facebook until they accept.

Note that Advanced Facebook Monitoring should be used to teach better and safer social networking and should be not be installed without discussion or agreement. Always remember that your child is your best ally in your work to keep them safe online.

### What Kind of Information Will I Receive?

On activating the Advanced Facebook Monitoring plug-in, you will start receiving information almost immediately. You can see this information from your Qustodio dashboard, which you can access remotely from any device. You’ll see all kinds of data about your child’s Facebook activity, including new friends, chat friends, new photos, and information posted on your child’s Timeline.

Data that is visible includes:

– Wall posts (including links)
– Personal information updates
– Status updates
– Uploaded photos
– Third party photos
– Comments in content posted by friends
– Wall posts on friends walls
– Photo uploads on friends walls
– Links shared on friends walls
– Comments made by friends
– Wall posts made by friends
– New friends
– Current friends
– Information on friends (eg. avatar, age, location)

### How can I use Advanced Facebook Monitoring?

Advanced Facebook Monitoring is recommended to help you teach your child good netiquette and online responsibility. It’s important to note that it’s not designed for spying – no private chats are revealed and the child has to agree to the application – but designed to help you keep them safer online. Use Advanced Facebook Monitoring to teach them that nothing should be shared or said online that they would not like you to see or be made public.

If you teach your child safe use, the internet will be a less dangerous place for them.

How can Qustodio help protect your family?

Qustodio is the best way to keep your kids safe online and help them create healthy digital habits. Our parental control tools ensure they don't access inappropriate content or spend too much time in front of their screens.