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This year saw a huge increase in the number of kids using Chromebooks. Now Qustodio will help you keep your kids safe, whether they are doing schoolwork or enjoying their free time.

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Introducing Qustodio for Chromebook!

Qustodio is the perfect protection solution for parents with kids who use Chromebook in their leisure time or to keep up with their studies.

Protect online activity
Know that your child is safe when browsing or using apps on their Chromebook with Qustodio’s web and app protection.
Establish healthy screen time
Maintain the balance between online and offline time with Qustodio’s handy time limits and schedules.

Protection Across All Your Child’s Devices

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Chromebook Questions:

Can I install Qustodio on school-issued Chromebooks?

If your Chromebook is managed by your child's school, please make sure they allow third party extensions in their Google Suite account so you can install the Qustodio Extension on the device.

How to install Qustodio?

Qustodio installation and setup is easy. Simply visit the App Store or Play Store on the device you want to protect and download the Qustodio app. For full steps, check out our handy help article.

Which platforms does Qustodio support?

Qustodio works across multiple platforms to protect and supervise desktops, laptops, tablets, Chromebooks, Kindles and smartphones.

Can I install the Qustodio Chromebook Extension if I am using Family Link?

If Google Family Link is enabled on your Chromebook, you can still use the Qustodio extension. Simply enter your Family Link password when prompted in order to install the Qustodio extension.

Why is Qustodio the best solution?

We are the number one parental control tool, offering protection across the widest range of platforms, super time limits and web filtering capabilities, among other features, and plans for all budgets.

Why parents love Qustodio

  • Great to monitor, block and limit screen time

    Jason K. - Google Play

  • Excellent There's no filter or monitor that compares. This is so much better than any other available.

    Anonym - Google Play

  • Brilliant app Great for keeping an eye on what my kids are looking at.

    Johanne K. - Google Play

  • Fantastic Locks what is needed and the daily report is excellent

    Quinlan C. - Google Play

  • Easy to use Easy to use and reliable solution for parental control

    Anonym - Google Play

  • Great for study breaks. Works in incognito perfectly, blocking any and all websites that I choose to find distracting.

    Charlton M. - Google Play

  • Best ever parent app I can control everything anytime, locate, curfew, monitor you name it

    Hal P. - Google Play

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