Close your Qustodio account

When you close your account, all of your information is removed from Qustodio and can’t be retrieved. This includes your children’s activity history and rules. To start the process, complete the steps below:

1. Uninstall Qustodio from your kids’ devices
See how to uninstall Qustodio on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and Kindle.

2. Cancel your Premium subscription if you purchased via the App Store or Google Play
See how to do this in our help center. If you purchased via the Qustodio website, your subscription will be canceled automatically.

3. Close your account. Click here to proceed.

For full information on what will happen when you close your account, read our help article.

Additional parents

If you signed up as an additional parent, you can only close your account from the Parents App or Web. Log in, go to your Account page, and select Close my account.