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by on 10-29-2013

Internet safety experts sometimes suggest that parents keep an eye on their kids’ online behaviour by placing the family computer in a common area, such as the living room. With smartphones, this advice is no longer as relevant: most kids now access the Internet through their own mobile devices rather than the family PC. To help… Read more

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by on 10-25-2013

Earlier this week, educator and IT specialist Tim Wilson released his study on kids’ Internet use, and the results are alarming. The study, organized by the (ISC)2 Foundation’s Safe and Secure Online Programme, surveyed 1,162 primary school students about their Internet and social media habits. ### Here are the highlights from the study - 18% of… Read more

by on 10-23-2013

Clearing a Path for Parents through Today’s Digital Chaos There's always a lot of expert advice when it comes to kids and technology and not all of it is either helpful or useful. We try to focus the Qustodio Blog on sharing relevant information. We know that the real experts when it comes to kids are you:… Read more

by on 10-21-2013

Parents have many concerns about their kids’ technology use (and rightfully so!). Aside from the usual suspects—cyberbullying, online predators, and behavioral issues—apparently, there are also a host of health problems associated with too much time in front of a screen, including scary sounding conditions like text claw and iPosture. Who knew? Even so, we know that… Read more

by on 10-16-2013

If your child has a Facebook account, you've probably been teaching them for some time about safe and responsible internet use. Hopefully, you’ve had a discussion on what can and cannot be shared and posted on Facebook, and have both agreed what constitutes acceptable use. You've also talked about things like cyberbullying and how important it is to be nice online. Congratulations! You may still have some lingering doubts and worries: how do you know little Johnny is really sticking to his side of the agreement? In response to requests from parents, Qustodio has developed an Advanced Facebook Monitoring feature. Read more

by on 10-09-2013

If you have a preschooler, then you must check out PBS Kids’ new series “Peg+Cat.” We know, we know, there are so many different media choices out there for you and your little one to choose from. Some are mindless fun and others teach a lesson or two, so what makes PBS Kids’ latest roll-out a… Read more

by on 10-08-2013

With all of the information available on the dangers of too much screen time and the need to set time limits, there’s probably not a responsible parent left on the planet who isn’t aware that too much time in front of a digital device is harmful to kids. Actually setting up healthy time limits and (perhaps even more challenging) sticking… Read more

by on 10-04-2013

Parents used to refer to their children as "wired" when they were particularly energetic or experiencing a sugar high but today the term"wired" has a completely different meaning. Generation C (aka The Connected Generation) are kids who have never known a world without the Internet, Smartphones, and educational apps. You may not know it but your… Read more

by on 10-02-2013

Qustodio-blog-California-passes-Eraser-Bill-into-lawTeens and parents alike have long expressed concern over the permanency of Internet and social media posts. We advise our kids to “think before you post” and pray that they’ll listen. The state of California, however, is taking measures to protect those kids who, despite these warnings, slip up and post something that they… Read more