Oct 25, 2013

Study reveals kids’ unchecked internet use

Earlier this week, educator and IT specialist Tim Wilson released his study on kids’ Internet use, and the results are alarming. The study, organized by the (ISC)2 Foundation’s Safe and Secure Online Programme, surveyed 1,162 primary school students about their Internet and social media habits.

### Here are the highlights from the study

– 18% of kids age 9 to 11 have met up with a stranger after an online chat. Half of these went alone.
– 30% did not receive guidance about safe Internet use.
– 15% say their parents have never checked up on their online activities.
– 6% posted a picture online that they wouldn’t show to their parents.

These are disturbing statistics and unfortunately, we have seen time and time again what happens when kids’ Internet use goes unchecked.

Wilson suggests that the takeaway for parents is to clamp down on their children’s access to the Internet, especially in private areas like their bedrooms: “Bringing the family computer into the living room and having open conversations about potential online dangers will help them play a more active role in the relationships children are increasingly starting online.”

We’re not so sure that clamping down on usage will work but Wilson is right on target about open communication. The conversation about playing it safe online should be an ongoing one for today’s families. However, with the myriad gadgets and devices kids have at their disposal, relocating the family PC is only part of the solution. Parents need a way to monitor kids’ web use, especially when they can’t be physically looking over their shoulders.

If you don’t yet have a parental control app installed on your kids’ devices, download our free software todayand start that ongoing dialogue about safer and better use of internet.

See the whole study on kids’ Internet use here.

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