How to monitor your kid’s internet use, NSA-style

Whether you agree with his actions or not, Edward Snowden shed a great deal of light on the NSA and how it’s spying on U.S. citizens in the name of security. As an adult, you may feel uncomfortable about the government knowing your every keystroke. Playing Big Brother (or Big Parent, in this case) by monitoring your kids’ online activities probably seems like a no-brainer, however. Here are a few tips for keeping an eye on your child’s digital behaviors NSA style.

### Tell Your Child You Want to Keep Him Safe

According to the NSA, online surveillance of citizens is a matter of national security. In your family, it’s a matter of child safety. Your child will be much more comfortable with the fact that you’re monitoring his Internet use if he knows that you have his best interests at heart. Let him know that it’s not him you don’t trust; it’s the rest of the virtual world.

### Get the Tools You Need

The NSA can’t keep an eye on the whole of cyberspace alone. They’ve got allies that help them access the data they need. As a parent, you’re no different. Your kid likely has lots of different Internet-ready devices, making it nearly impossible to track all of them without the right tools. Qustodio’s parental monitoring software allows you to monitor and manage all of these gadgets from a central location.

### Don’t Forget Smartphones

The NSA’s alleged attempt to protect the citizenry doesn’t stop with computers; they’re accessing cell phone records as well. While you may feel uneasy knowing that the government could be reading your text messages, you shouldn’t think twice about monitoring your kid’s Smartphone use. In addition to being a minicomputer with full access to the Internet, a Smartphone carries additional risks such as sexting and dangerous apps.

While the NSA may be able to see what you’re doing online, they can’t restrict your Internet use—at least not yet. Fortunately, you can control when and how your child interacts online. Qustodio enables you to set time limits for your child’s screen time, blocks inappropriate content from their view, and even shows you who your child is talking to on social media networks.

You may or may not agree with the NSA’s intrusive behavior, but at the very least, you can take some tips from the agency to keep your little one safe online.

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