iPad App Toys Dominate 2013 International Toy Fair

Attendees at the International Toy Fair held on February 10, 2013 in the Big Apple got a sneak peek at what are destined to be the year’s hottest toys for kids of all ages. Of the playthings on display were your seemingly traditional doll houses, Babies, and basketball hoops, but with an added twist. Kids will need more than just their imaginations to play with many of the toys that will stock retailers’ shelves in the coming months. They’ll also need an iPad.

Take the Barbie Digital Makeover mirror for instance, which uses an iPad along with facial recognition software to allow little girls to apply virtual makeup, take photo shoots, and share the pics with friends. With the New Adventures iDollhouse, parents need not worry about purchasing and keeping up with little pieces of furniture because all of the play takes place in-app.

It’s too soon to say which of these toys are safe for kids and which will require a little extra monitoring.

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