Japan sends internet-addicted kids to detox camp

Is Internet addiction a real problem? Japan’s ministry of education thinks so. Concerned about the effects of virtual enslavement such as depression, poor school performance, and even health problems, the ministry is asking the government for funds to send kids ages 12-18 to fasting camps where they can ditch their digital dependency for good.

“It’s becoming more and more of a problem,” a ministry spokesperson told the Daily Telegraph. He went on to say that an estimated 518,000 Japanese kids in middle and high school are addicted to the Internet.

The digital detox camps will encourage kids to put down their devices and engage in “real” communication with each other and with the educational experts and mental health professionals that will be on standby to help kids deal with their withdrawal symptoms. Outdoor games and sports will also play a key role in the children’s “rehabilitation.”

Do you think sending kids to Internet fasting camps is a good idea, or are educators in Japan overreacting? Let us know what you think!

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