Mar 5, 2013

Law Seeks to Punish Retailers that Sell Mature Video Games to Children

As is stands, ESRB video game labels like “E for Everyone” or “A for Adults Only” are merely suggestions. Retailers are within their legal rights to sell even the most violent video games to children.

That may soon change, though, thanks to a bill proposing that a fine of up to $5,000 be imposed upon vendors who sell games with a “M for Mature” rating to children under the age of 17. Gamespot, which broke the story, noted the timing of the proposed Video Games Rating Enforcement Act, which came only a month after the deaths of 20 children shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) says a law is unnecessary, arguing that their rating system “empowers” parents to take control over which games their children play. Do you agree?

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