Saved by the bell! Don’t get caught out this back-to-school

It’s getting near that time of year again! Summer has been fun and having the kids around has certainly made it easier to keep an eye on them. But what happens once they go back to school? New homework assignments and school projects mean they’ll be online more often. Once they get back into the old routine, they’ll soon be chatting to friends on social media, spending waaay too much time looking at photos from their classmates’ vacations on Insta, maybe even getting hooked on fun, new online games… but don’t panic! It’s normal for teens and tweens to want to do this. Information technology plays such a big part in our society nowadays that kids understandably want to be where all the action is happening!

Here at Qustodio, we understand your concern and we want to help you establish healthy digital behavior this back to school season! That’s why we recommend taking some time out to talk to your child and establish some online ground rules to get you both on the same page before the semester starts. Getting together now to discuss and set healthy screen time limits that allow for both school work and personal time will avoid nasty surprises and arguments later on in the year. Besides, kids tend to be more active and spend more time outdoors during summer, so limiting their online activity will encourage them to continue being more physically active and socialize – face to face!

You’ve probably noticed that bedtime has become more flexible over the summer vacation. Studies show that kids need at least eight hours’ sleep per night but did you know we should all be switching off our screens at least one hour before going to bed? That’s right. We adults are often guilty of catching up on emails or checking Facebook right up until we go to bed (and sometimes even in bed). This is definitely something to keep in mind when limiting your child’s screen time. Set a good example and make sure you switch off too.

If you’re wondering where to start, why not download Qustodio’s free Family Digital Agreement? This is a contract created between you and your child and it’s the perfect starting point to discuss and establish what you both consider to be healthy digital behavior. Once you reach an agreement, you can print and sign it together and put it on the wall or fridge door as a visual reminder. So why not start as you mean to go on? If you haven’t already done so, click here to download our fantastic Family Digital Agreement and sign it with your child today! Remember to talk to your children about why you are taking these actions so that they don’t feel like they’re being punished. Chat with them about why it’s for their own good and that you’re doing it because you care. Help your child enjoy the best of both worlds; online and offline!


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