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Aug 11, 2016

Why parental monitoring is important

Summer has been a perfect time to give kids extra freedom. There were no classes, evenings were homework-free, and playdates were frequent. But now that the long summer days are waning, it’s time to revisit how to monitor kids’ screen time. Put a monitoring system in place now, and it’ll carry on through the fast-approaching back-to-school season.

During the school year, kids will be more likely to communicate with friends, try out new digital resources, and be online for school assignments. It’s important to make sure they have access to the resources they need while still limiting or blocking sites and apps that may be detrimental to healthy growth. In today’s information age, it is vital for kids to be tech savvy, but it’s up to parents to find and maintain a balance. That’s where Qustodio can help.

Studies have shown that too much media consumption can negatively affect grades, attention span, physical activity, BMI, and sleep. These are critical parts of kids’ lives, so help them make good choices by understanding how they spend their digital time.

We all want healthy, productive, happy kids, but how do we get there?

Limiting media use and steering kids toward quality digital materials creates healthy outcomes, causing a chain reaction that improves children’s sleep, health, and school performance. It also lowers their exposure to violence, thus curbing aggressive behavior and increasing prosocial behavior.

Being involved with your kids’ activities protects them from dangerous or inappropriate media, but also helps steer kids toward quality, enriching, educational resources. In addition to teaching tech skills, time spent with digital resources can increase vocabulary and literacy skills, math skills, cultural appreciation, scientific understanding, teamwork, and empathy. But screen time and media consumption should be used within the greater context of learning and emotional growth.

With Qustodio, you can easily monitor your kids’ screen time and content. Simply set up Qustodio on each device and then receive daily graphical updates of your kids’ activities, as well as checking up-to-the-minute activity on the dashboard. Qustodio specifically calls out any questionable activity for easy monitoring. Total activity is also broken down into websites and applications, social media contacts, and time spent on each activity and device. Specific search terms are also called out. Stats for visited websites include trustworthiness, child safety, first and last visits to the page, and more. Parents can also use Qustodio to monitor their kids’ phone calls and text messages.

With a free account, parents can monitor one child on one device, perfect for getting started and learning your way around. Parents with more kids and devices will want to sign up for a premium account, which includes premium features such as tracking multiple kids and devices, keeping tabs on Facebook use, location tracking, the ability to block certain applications, and more.

Parents know their kids best, so Qustodio allows parents to customize their monitoring approach to each child’s particular needs and requirements. Perhaps one kid prefers only educational apps, but spends too many hours a day on their tablet. Maybe another kid only spends an hour per day online, but tends to choose inappropriate content. Parents can limit one kid’s online time, while limiting accessible websites for another. And since Qustodio can be installed on phones and tablets as well as computers, parents can monitor kids’ away-from-home activities as well.

Download Qustodio now and begin monitoring your kids’ activity within minutes. Install Qustodio on any new devices that kids will be taking to school, along with any devices not already covered at home. Also, be sure to follow Qustodio on Twitter and Facebook to stay informed on the latest news on staying internet smart.

How can Qustodio help protect your family?

Qustodio is the best way to keep your kids safe online and help them create healthy digital habits. Our parental control tools ensure they don't access inappropriate content or spend too much time in front of their screens.