By on 03-09-2016

Quest’inverno ci siamo impegnati per rendere migliore la tua esperienza di genitore con Qustodio. A dicembre abbiamo aggiunto il tracking degli SMS tra le funzionalità Android, a gennaio, abbiamo migliorato le modalità di segnalazione dell’attività web bloccata nel Portale Famiglia Qustodio, a febbraio, abbiamo migliorato la stabilità e il rilevamento dei contenuti del VPN della nostra nuova app… Read more

By on 11-17-2015

Great news, Parents! Today we launched a brand new free app in Apple’s App Store for protecting kids’ iOS devices. The app is called Qustodio Parental Control for iPhone and iPad, and it finally brings many of Qustodio’s great supervision features to iOS including web filtering, app monitoring and internet time limits. Grab your child’s device and visit… Read more

By on 08-17-2015

Ahimè, anche quest’anno gli ultimi giorni d’estate sono alle porte. Prima ancora di rendercene conto, ecco che impostiamo la sveglia ancora più presto per preparare il pranzo prima di mandare i ragazzi a scuola, per iniziare un nuovo anno. Non perdere questi ultimi, preziosissimi, giorni a pensarci, piuttosto prendi l’occasione al volo e approfitta di questi momenti spensierati… Read more

By on 08-16-2015

First, tell us about yourself. I’m Diego, and I work as a Mobile Software Engineer at Qustodio. I grew up in a small town. When I was a child, my parents smiled sweetly at me when I told them I wanted to become an inventor. Later, when I was a teenager and got my first computer, they became… Read more

By on 06-11-2015

Several Qustodio users have requested the option to set a second email address to their account, to allow the other parent to monitor the activity of their kids. Unfortunately, having 2 email addresses within the same account, or having Qustodio send the daily and weekly reports to a different email address is not possible directly within the app at the… Read more

By on 02-26-2015

Today we published an important security update for the Windows version of Qustodio. This update has already been included in all new downloads of Qustodio for Windows and will be progressively rolled out to our existing Qustodio for Windows user base automatically over the next few days. No user intervention will be required. The update addresses a security vulnerability that… Read more

By on 02-21-2015

Recent news has pointed out that Lenovo, the laptop manufacturer, was preloading in their laptops a controversial application called Superfish used to serve ads to their users. As the security industry scrutinized and criticized Lenovo for making use of such practices, security experts also have analyzed the internal software components of the Superfish app very closely to find out how… Read more

By on 01-30-2015

Per questo San Valentino abbiamo deciso di gettare letteralmente il romanticismo dalla finestra e di fare qualcosa di più divertente. Regaleremo una gift card da 1000€ ad un fortunato utente Qustodio che ha condiviso Qustodio con un amico. Il pensiero di vincere 1.000€ non ti fa sentire un po’ più romantico? Ecco come accedere. Se sei già un… Read more

By on 01-05-2015

This week the Qustodio team is back at CES Las Vegas, the most important annual consumer electronics show in the world. Last year, we announced a partnership with Qualcomm to bring Qustodio’s unique technology to their next generation of consumer routers known as “smart gateways.” This year, the new product is complete, and it’s groundbreaking. The name of… Read more

By on 12-17-2014

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or #QustodioNews on Twitter, then you know our elves have been hard at work on two amazing new features for our users. Today, we’re making these features available, so, get ready to unlock some new digital parenting tools that are sure to keep your child safer on and offline and give you even… Read more