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Feb 21, 2012

Qustodio 1.30 released

Hi there, we are excited to announce that Qustodio 1.30 is now available for download from Qustodio, if you are an existing user you will automatically receive the update. Among several compatibility and stability fixes we have also introduced a number of good improvements listed below.

### New features in this release:

#### Temporary protection bypass

It is now possible to temporarily disable Qustodio’s protection directly from the system icon tray. This new setting comes very handy when you want to stop Qustodio for your own usage or granting kids with extra time without having to alter any configuration settings.

For how long goes Qustodio to sleep in the computer is configurable by selecting the desired amount of time or until the computer gets rebooted next.

#### Customizable timezone settings

It is now possible to adjust how time is displayed in Qustodio’s portal. Activity reports are automatically converted to the selected time zone.

#### Expandable web & social activity lists

Browsing & social activity now return more items when clicked on “show more”, this eliminates the previous limitation to viewing the top 15 records only.

How can Qustodio help protect your family?

Qustodio is the best way to keep your kids safe online and help them create healthy digital habits. Our parental control tools ensure they don't access inappropriate content or spend too much time in front of their screens.